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Everyone is unique and has, as a result, different energy needs. The same applies to each of your employees. If their wellbeing needs are not met, it directly affects the performance of your company. With a personalised programme, an energy scan and professional coaching tailored to your company’s unique wellbeing needs, you can recharge the energy of each of your employees.


Meeting your highly personal wellbeing needs

Resilience, purpose, stressors, the sense of psychological security. Each employee handles it differently. To increase wellbeing in the workplace, companies frequently offer solutions. Those solutions are numerous, causing employees to become overwhelmed, unable to choose, or unhappy with their choice. Also, most of these solutions follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Since workplace wellbeing is so highly personal, such approaches don’t work. That’s why we offer tailor-made journeys per employee, based on their personal energy needs.


In the Personal Energy Journeys, we focus on the individual needs of your team members. Out of 9 energy tracks, three energy paths are recommended based on a Human Energy Scan. These three anticipate the employee’s current wellbeing needs. The tracks can range from exercise, nutrition and sleep to enjoying work, finding purpose and building safe relationships. Immersing oneself in one of the tracks, will re-empower your team to face life’s challenges. As employees, but above all as human beings.


of European employees do not feel engaged at work


of the Europeans worry a lot on a daily basis


of European employees have a lot of stress on daily basis

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Our ingredients for a successful energy track

What kind of personal support can you expect?

  • 8 weeks of guidance and expertise
  • Not a one-size-fits-all, but a tailor-made programme with one-on-one coaching
  • 9 Energy Journeys that focus specifically on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy
  • Group sessions and onsite workshops by our renowned experts
  • Scientific tools and scans such as a biological age test, glucose metres to measure your sugar intake and a Moonbird device
  • Motivational newsletters with inspiring tips & tricks

less stress at work after focus courses


on average more energy after completing the Energy Journey


less symptoms of depression & anxiety


01. SCAN

First, we conduct our unique Human Energy Scan, to identify the current state of your employees’ energy levels. Based on their personal needs, your employees enrol in one of our journeys, where they focus on a specific wellbeing need. From there, a personal plan is designed to address pain points.


Through tailor-made individual exercises and training sessions, your team works towards their goals. During the group sessions, they follow the progress of all team members. The Human Energy Index is the sum of all individual Energy Scans. It captures the wellbeing and performance of the company in a visible, fun way and becomes the heartbeat of the organisation.


Throughout the journey, there are one-on-one coaching consults in which the progress is analysed. Employees have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns. Together you work towards an energised mind and body.

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