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Rising stress, reduced physical activity, lower engagement, … Enough. Time to discover how to reclaim, recharge and harness the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy of your employees. Let’s jumpstart their wellbeing and performance with smart energy management.


It’s not about time management

Very few employees feel energised by their job, because they’re not aware of energy leaks. They don’t know how to manage and recharge their energy. Time management is the talk of the town, but what about an even bigger sticking point: energy management? Whereas time is a finite resource that you can’t get back, energy can actually flourish, grow and be reinvigorated. So how to recharge your workplace and create an environment where energy flows? We designed a 100-day programme to help your people boost their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.


This programme will give your participating employees life-changing experiences. It’s the perfect way to help them realise where they are struggling and help them overcome these obstacles. This programme creates a positive vibe for the whole company and enables your employees to perform better, be more engaged and motivated and to prevent problems like fatigue or stress.


of employees experience daily stress


of employees do not feel engaged at work


of absent employees have been sick for more than a year

* Gallup study done on European employees

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What kind of support can your employees expect?

  • 100 days filled with inspiration, insights, exercises, tools and moments to reflect with a team of experts
  • 1-on-1 coaching with a sleep, nutrition, exercise or mental health coach
  • A biological age test in one of our labs
  • Tools and technologies to help in changing habits like a fitness tracker or wearable, a Moonbird breathing device, glucose sensor, …
  • Access to an online toolkit or learning platform with additional tips and tricks
  • An onboarding box from JustBite with healthy snacks and drinks
  • Mindfulness and connected breathing sessions with a former Olympic athlete, workouts, ice-baths



We kick off with our Human Energy Scan, a scientific questionnaire to measure your current energy levels. This way, we get an all-round view of a participant’s health. Then, we inspire your employees and raise awareness with our team of experts through tips, keynotes and workshops with the theoretical and scientific background to help you maximise your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.


After the theory, it’s time for action. Everyone gets to work with the information and tools they were given. We challenge your team to step out of their comfort zones and experience new things, because that’s where personal development and growth happens. But it’s more than just an individual process: the group workshops and activities enhance the connection between colleagues and team spirit.


In the end, the participants reflect on the process and their progress and we analyse what works and how they can continue to improve. This includes a (literally) breathtaking ice bath experience in group. They are guided by personal coaching and buddy sessions to follow up on progress. We wrap up with a closing workshop on “Changing Habits” to help them sustain their newly learned healthy habits.

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